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"Taking the success of this business & helping others see what makes them different while contributing back to society for the greater good."

In 1998 ExpoCleaning opened up in Queens NY. Serving mainly small boutique shops around Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, ExpoCleaning dominated downtown Brooklyn specifically DeKalb Avenue, Lafayette Ave and the shops on Fulton Street.
September 11, 2001 took a big toll on the business. Although the majority of the clientele was closely located in the affected area of 9/11, the company still thrived through the years due to its great service and supervision. Through many great references and dedication to customer service, ExpoCleaning has evolved into an enterprise conducting services all throughout the tri state area.

ExpoCleaning has been awarded a “Best of Oceanside, NY” award for 2015 and 2016, proving it’s a reliable first choice throughout its headquarters’ community. ExpoCleaning is a proud participant of Cleaning For A Reason, an organization that unites to provide free cleaning services for women with cancer. On an annual basis, ExpoCleaning also collects clothing and shoe donations from its network. During the month of November, all clothing donations are made to the Salvation Army in preparation for cold weather.

ExpoCleaning has had the opportunity to provide maintenance for brands like Goldman Sachs, Tommy Hilfiger, IBM, and Nickelodeon among many other big names. ExpoCleaning also works closely with private construction companies and real estate developers - cleaning NYC, one building at a time. ExpoCleaning has a continuous impulse to take its success and help others see what makes them different, while contributing back to society for the greater good.

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